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Destroying a wasp nest in the eaves.

House eaves are probably the most common place for wasps to nest and cause problems. When wasps are seen coming to and from the eaves of your home this would normally indicate that there is a nest there. In actual fact, the nest is usually within the structure and generally built in the soffit (box like section holding the gutters). Wasps will normally be entering through a gap between the soffit and the wall of the building.

Eaves nests can often be easily treated from within the roof. Often, the wasp nest will be down in the eaves at the edge of open loft area. If possible, do not turn on a loft light. Use a torch to locate the nest but turn the torch away from the nest as soon as you see it, otherwise wasps will come toward the light. You need to get the Wasp Killer Powder down into the eaves, this could be achieved using the RENTOKIL WASP NEST KILLER POWDER but you may feel happier using a dust applicator to get the dust down into the nest such as, POLMINOR DUSTER BELLOWS

If the nest is hanging down from the eaves, this presents a more difficult situation. You really need to deal with this wasp nest from a distance. There are several pieces of equipment to do this. DUSTICK, DR5 DUSTER and WASP GO GO

All can apply the dust over the nest or into the nest through the base wasp entrace hole. Be very careful when treating a hanging wasp nest, it can easily be dislodged and therefore could end up on the ground with hundreds of wasps released as it crashes down.

Essentially, if you have equipment you can just dust the outer surfaces of the nest and over a few days the nest will die. A more instant effect can be achieved by injecting the powder directly into the nest, either through the base entrance or in through the side of the nest. Clearly, injecting into the side of the nest risks dislodging the nest from its supports, this could cause the nest to fall so be careful. The best equipment for dealing with this kind of nest location is the DR5 DUSTER with extension poles, second and cheaper choice would be the WASP GO GO KITS.
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