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Destroying a Wasps Nest in a bush

Destroying a Wasps Nest in a bush

Firstly, make sure you have some protective clothing, particularly a mask if you are using dust/powder insecticide above waist height. You may consider a BEEKEEPERS SUIT for total safety. This may be worth the investment if you are likely to get more nests in the future.

Stand about 15 feet from the nest and watch to determine if the wasps have an in and an out flight path, it is usually best to stand in the out flypath rather than the in path. Once you commence treatment, you should be able to stop the wasps exiting the nest with the powder, that will confuse them and give you time to escape once you have a reasonable coating of wasp killer powder on the outside of the nest!

First choice is always to use an insecticidal powder or dust to destroy a wasp nest. We suggest RENTOKIL WASP NEST KILLER POWDER which contains permethrin in a powder format.

Try to cover the nest with powder either direct from the pack, or preferably using the POLMINOR DUST BELLOWS, DUSTICK. WASP GO GO KIT or DR5 DUSTER. With these applicators, you may be able to inject dust directly into the heart of the nest for a quicker and more certain result. The Wasp Go Go and Poliminor are particularly good for amateur users

The DIGRAIN WASP BLASTERWasp and Hornet Nest Killer Aerosol (professional use) could be used if you were trained as a professional, with this product you could treat the nest from around 6-8 feet away.
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