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Polminor Wasp Powder Bellows

Polminor Wasp Powder Bellows

Ref: waspbellows

The Polminor Bellow wasp dust applicator is a first class piece of wasp control equipment. Unchanged in design for many years, this equipment will effectively blow wasp killer powder into the most difficult to treat wasp nests.

The power you can obtain by working the bellows is surprising and you can manage to blow dust around 3 metres but is does splay out shortly after leaving the lance, so ideally you need to get the lance tube close to the actual wasp nest or nest entrance.

Short extensions are available to extend reach from approximately 50cm up to 1.5m, if you want to reach further than this, then look at the Wasp Go Go equipment.

Price: 32.28 (Including VAT at 20%)

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