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Destroying a Wasp Nest in a roof void

Wasps have a habit of finding access points under roof tiles and roof flashing, particularly around dormer windows, they often nest at the point where the dormer roof meets the main roof. The nest can sometimes be located within the main roof if access is possible.

Openly accessible nests in a roof void present a difficult scenario for the untrained person, unless you have a fully protective wasp proof clothing such as a BEEKEEPERS SUIT.

This is a high risk wasp nest that although easily accessible, is a whole pack of what will be angry wasps, ready and able to exit the nest quickly and attack. A good quality fly and wasp killer aerosol is useful for added protection and a quick spray of the nest before your main attack will knock down the workers that will almost certainly be on the outside of the nest adding and extending layers.

RENTOKIL WASP NEST KILLER POWDER is always our preference in dealing with nearly all wasp nests but using a puffer duster on a hanging nest in a roof void is risky. If possible, use a POLMINOR POWDER BELLOWS and coat as much of the outside of the nest as possible with dust, failing that, use RENTOKIL WASP NEST KILLER FOAM AEROSOL and cover as much of the nest as you can in wasp killer foam before promptly vacating the roof.

When treating wasp nests in the eaves of a roof, you can safely break into the nest with the duster lance and get wasp killer powder inside the nest, but DO NOT try that with a hanging nest unless you are fairly sure it won't fall to the loft floor. If the wasp nest falls and you don't have full protective clothing on, vacate the roof and call a professional.

Other options:

If nest is hanging from the rafters and not more than 4 metres off the loft floor, use a INSECTO POWER FOGGER set off directly under the nest. We would have suggested an PRO-ACTIVE MIDI FUMERPro-Active Midi Fumer in preference to the Power Fogger but you are lighting something in a high fire risk area so, although the smoke generator would probably be better, it is much more dangerous in view of the fact the wasps may drive you out of the roof before you can check that the smoke generator has finished burning. The Power Fogger has no fire risk but if you have a heating boiler in the roof, you need to extinguish any flame prior to using the Power Fogger so then you are back to smoke if you cannot extinguish the pilot light.!
Finally, one of the most powerful aerosols on the market which can be used in a roof void (with care) is the DIGRAIN WASP BLASTER This aerosol will blast a nest that is about 3-4 metres away. Ideally, blast the nest from underneath into the entrance hole but if this is not visible, then soak the nest and leave the roof carefully.
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